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If you don't have your own domain name you can simply register it here.

As experts in the field of server administration we're striving for a simpler editing of DNS records since our response times are our priority. The solution is completely free of charge for unlimited number of domains and so simplified that it can be used by both, basic and advanced users.

Number of records 229011 Number of domains 21872
  • A, MX, CNAME, ALIAS, TXT, SPF, AAAA and SRV types
  • IPV6 support
  • DNS servers on more locations
  • Unlimited DNS records
  • Wildcard DNS
  • TTL value editing
  • Great support
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Register your account and wait for the confirmation email that you'll receive in a few moments. After logging into the system insert your domain.

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Insert the domain you want to host

Click on the button New domain and add your domain. You can transfer existing DNS records if the domain is already registered and DNS records exist on another DNS server. You can also transfer records from another domain or add Google MX records.

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DNS record insertion

If the DNS records were not transfered automatically, or if you want to edit them, click the button Edit for the domain and add or edit DNS records.

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DNS server insertion

Once you have your DNS records the way you want them and you're sure that the records are pointed to the correct targets, replace domains DNS servers to the following addresses: